Saturday, February 26, 2011

Invitation Language Pay For Own Meal

FUGAZI Live in heaven 1990 Cd (Oblivion/bootleg)

You know you're in luck! I just listened to this live Fugazi and I think it's still better than the one I proposed on Pay No More Than , sound, sequences, the interpretation, everything is perfect! Yes! Yes! I assure you! But after all, that's all they deserve these toccards readers PNMT ! They do not know a true artist! I may be a little bad language, there .... Because if you look downloads they reached a record in a few days. Actually the same record level as all other drives but I would not expect it anyway ... Like what, the reader PNMT may be sensitive to emotion!
Good truce bullshit, I have already spoken in effect Fugazi on PNMT, and there I too want to repeat myself. Everybody know Fugazi , we will make brief. This disc is a pirate, the concert was recorded in Germany as evidenced by the efforts McKaye to try to communicate with the public, and it corresponds to the tour Repeater.
There were some songs that were not separated, I've corrected and I took advantage to level up a bit. In general, I have some qualms about doing this kind of stuff, I tell myself that I must respect the choice of the group, but good because there is a pirate, I have no respect at all.

Fugazi Live in heaven Cd 90 (19 mp 3 in 320 kbps pouch + duplex = 169 MB )

Friday, February 25, 2011

Where Can I Get Alex Russo Bedroom Wallpaper

Meeting at the theater ...

We talked together, it's confirmed: we'll go to the theater Bernardine Exhibit To / Theseus (Epic), "show for an image projector, 2 and 3 musicians actors" Tuesday, March 8 at 20:30. We will meet the authors of the play on Friday 11 in early afternoon.

> Price: 6 € - Meeting at the theater at 20:00 (17 Bvd Garibaldi / Marseille 1). More info on the site Bernardine .

Monday, February 21, 2011

Internal Calf Swollen

"Electronic Shadow: Living the image"

In addition to the TP to make March 7, an article from the magazine Steps # 183 August 2010:

> I send you a pdf version by mail on request

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Replace Lock On Truck Toolbox


do you mean, I do cronyism! Not at all, I was asked the Constatine sankathi is what I do, that's all! And do not get me in the head lice, otherwise you could find!
same time, it is the last record I have of Constatine sankathi, apart from compilations, but it is not impossible that I talk soon ...
I tend to find the pieces of Constatine sankathi much more significant on this record than on one I posted previously . That may be a little more classic and also to After it is hoped that there will be no paper clip, but if! They have not stood in place. Sure, it gives an original hand ...
Bev.Clone , I preferred it before the split, maybe because there was not clip but listening again recently, I told myself that if there had been a trombone on Bev.clone , I would probably prefer Constatine sankathi. Ideally it would have been quite sure that the clip is on neither side, but hey, it is rather anecdotal and we will not strive nor a detail. Though! Is what can really call it a detail?
Sorry for the crackling, I cleaned as best I could, I left just enough to make it more emo.

Constatin sankathi / BEV.CLONE split Ep 95 (4 mp3 320kbps + cover front and back inserts + = 23MB)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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La Comptabilité pour les Nuls

Accounting for Dummies

Accounting is a management tool essential to the smooth running of a business . With it, your cell bills, bank statements, pay slips magically transform into your bank balance sheet, weighed to determine your tax returns, in detail due receivables to make your recovery clients, schedule bills to pay to make predictions Cash, detailed statement of your consumption to calculate the cost of your products, etc.. Drawing on numerous examples, this book will guide you in your bookkeeping. Thanks to him, the contents of annual accounts will have no secrets for you. You will know everything about the notions of capital charges, of products. You will find even a few tricks (legal!) To influence your result in the desired direction.

How To Make Birthdaycra

Le Bac Français pour les Nuls

Tray French for Dummies

To prepare the test early French or gaps to fill your tank a few weeks, the Blank concocted this method all-in-one that truly takes into account the expectations of students. With this kit review, you will learn all about the literary reviews, essays, writing of invention ... Even oral have no secrets for you We will also explain the underside of the test, how the editors note, what they like ... or what frustrates them! Looking for a book to aid revision, effective and fun ... Tray with French for Dummies, put the odds in your favor: advice method, clear and complete courses, numerous training exercises and self-evaluation and bonuses Collection For Dummies (icons, top ten ...).

Low Light Pocket Camcorder

La Philosophie pour les nuls

Philosophy for Dummies

you Philosophy appears complicated, boring, "headlock" elitist? Either. But do you really? The meaning of life, beauty, love, death: to understand these concepts, it is not necessary to have
made ten years of study, or to know Greek and German! Because philosophy is everybody's business, this book invites you to dialogue with leading philosophers: Plato, Rousseau, Nietzsche, Sartre, and many more!
portraits and anecdotes to support it in an accessible language presents a panorama of
history of philosophy (in Greek, "love of wisdom"). As philosophy is not abstract and a discipline that philosophers are
not pure spirits, you will not be surprised to see Thales falling down a well, nor hear the donkey bray of Buridan! So, forget your prejudices and stir your brain, so that with Descartes you can say proudly: "I think therefore I am."

Monday, February 14, 2011

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Encyclopedia Wikipedia 1.0 Portable

موسوعة ويكبيديا 1.0 محمولة

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cervix Position 3 Days Before Period Is Expected

CONSTATINE SANKATHI Who killed the killed kid Ep 94 ou 95 (Arcade kahca)

Will we continue the series queries & old promises with a disk that I was asked by a friend. I know you'll say "Yeah, but it is not fair, I asked a disc before and all because it's your friend in the flesh, you do go for! ". But that's how my friends, they a sort of hierarchy to be observed. It's always been this way in the punk movement. habord of all, it's the guys first, followed by all those who do something, a band, a fanzine, a blog and last of all comes the blog reader, one who does nothing except eat. Jolicoeur Yes reader, it must be that you had knowledge that you are at the bottom of the social ladder! Well, okay, I kidding! Do not believe I function like that, I never appreciated too cronyism even if I could enjoy it or make it usable for friends or acquaintances. But I digress, it's like on PayNoMoreThan.
All that to say I know exactly where I am in my queries ... I should have noted. I know I still have stuff they asked me or that I promised, but it is a little fuzzy. Please let me refresh your memory.
Rog therefore asked the Constatine sankathi . Without doubt this is because he found the group's name funny? What name elsewhere and when we know that the group is from Kalamazoo, is hardly surprising. Besides, is that cities can have an impact on the group names? I Bob thought for example radar, is what it was a group of Laval? But I digress yet the subject. So Constatine sankhati, Kalamazoo, what am I going to say? The group has existed 2 years, 2 eps released a split ep with Bev.clone and a discography cd on Arcade kahca (it's not possible, they did it on purpose) and a vinyl Adagio 830 (that only better!). They also participated in several compilations, I'll see what I can do at this level. All these news, I had no trouble finding them, everything is on the myspace . For cons, the date of registration of this ep, we can always dream to know. Contatine sankathi are part of these emo bands who took great delight in leaving us in limbo. No recording date, but a multitude of inserts that are at the limit of the unreadable. Naturally, the cover is screen printed, but if you look on discogs , we can realize that this is not the same as mine. In fact the photo with the baby is a paper wheel. But Is there were several pressings? I can not tell you, I can just tell you that my version is a yellow vynil vynil and like all colors, it has spent a lot faster than a black vinyl. I fired a few cracks but it still pretty crisp. Sorry!
Originality of Constatine sankathi is the use of a slide trombone. The least we can say is that it is original! To say that this is significant, it is a step that I can not cross. But we'll talk about Constatine sankhati I promised to post all Rog I had them.

Constatin sankathi Who killed the kid Killed Ep 95 (3 mp3 320kbps + cover front and back booklet 8 pages + = 22.5 MB)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Causes For Inflamed Cervix

MAGGAT / 125,RUE MONTMARTRE split Ep 99 (The disappointed's love letter)

A friend told me over Jolicoeur, it was unfortunate that my articles are not a bit longer. More reading after him would not affect at all on the contrary. I do not mind, that's what I said elsewhere, but I have not much time and it is true that Jolicoeur's comments that can not motivate myself to be somewhat more verbose. Although the last, I was fairly served. No, anyway, it can not be it. It's been a while since I make this blog and I think it's clear that I do for my mouth and that's it.
I thought about it and I thought I was maybe a bit too hard which made me not really want to say more. For most, it is hard not recent enough that I shared with many people, I learned to appreciate all alone in my corner like an old crevard. I have no story behind these discs, just the passion and emotion they have given me, and emotion, that I know about it.
There is also the fact that most of the time, the groups are quite mysterious. We do not know much about them. Sometimes we even know the song titles, then how do you think I embroider on it?

example 125, rue montmartre , what do you want me to say about them? A p art the name of their group is from a movie Grangier with the great Lino . And yet is can I be sure? Probably, but you speak a word! And apart from that they are German song that is feminine, I do not see what else too add. They know more than I Metalorgie .
Maggat , we had already talked here, and that is why I hear about it, because we are in our series & Queries old promises, but if I remember correctly, I was already not say much, except that the guys were then formed Maggat Robocop kraus . Just want a little story that I have read in a fanzine. It seems that members of Maggat
wanted to form another group, but by changing the instrument, each taking an instrument he could not play. I frankly find it hard to believe, or so the guys are fucking musicians! Well, that's about all I have to say about Maggat.
I could add that this split EP is well on horseback between their period and the more hardcore screamo, and pop
frankly, it's a good compromise.
Well, I force myself and that's not necessarily interested in what I have to say ...

MAGGAT / 125, Rue Montmartre split Ep 99 (4 mp3 320kbps + cover front and back / inner + booklet + flyers = 30MB)